Orthodontics For Children And Adults

Most people aren’t born with a perfect smile over the time an untreated teeth misalignment or jaw misalignment can effect the way you chew, you smile. An orthodontist will help you in giving a confident smile thus improving yourself esteem and social well being by correcting / aligning a badly arranged teeth thus improving the health of the gums and preventing bad breath. Orthodontics also includes cosmetic dentistry when the individuals aim is to improve his/her appearance.

Who need Braces

One should see an orthodontist if he/she is looking for a solution to one or more of the following problems

  • Crowding – when they have more teeth than the normal total which results in misalignment of teeth
  • Spacing – gaps, and spaces are created due to inadequate tooth size and in case of few missing teeth
  • Bite problems –excessive vertical overlap of the upper and lower jaws can cause teeth to look unsightly which lead to an incorrect bite (overbite); Inadequate vertical overlap of upper and lower jaws may also cause incorrect bite (under-bite).
  • When upper front teeth are forwardly placed and look un-aesthetically
  • It is possible that these ‘prominent’ teeth may get damaged, but orthodontic treatment will assist you in moving them back to their ideal positions.
  • When the teeth are not meeting correctly, muscles of the jaw could get strained and results in jaw & joint problems as well as headaches in some cases.
  • With the orthodontic treatment, we reduce the strain and help you in improving the bite.

Metal Braces

These are less expensive and most commonly used for children and teens. These braces have undergone transition over some time and are visually appealing and stronger.

Ceramic / Tooth coloured braces

These are mainly a preferred option for teens and adults. Tooth coloured braces are made up of porcelain alloy where they blend in with the teeth. You even have option of tooth coloured wires which makes them even invisible. These are less noticeable.

Lingual Braces

Brackets plated on the inner surface of teeth. These braces are best suited for adults / teens which are hidden on the back of the teeth. Where no one recognises that one is wearing braces. These brackets are customised with wires according to the treatment requirement for the individual.

Self Ligating Brackets

These brackets system requires less number of visits to the dental office. As these are notics with clarties or ligaments it is easy for the individual to maintain oral hygiene.

Clear Aligners / Invisalign

Sets of Trays for Correcting, Advantages include mainly cosmetic, no wires or brackets, comfortable to the patients where it can be removed and placed.

Pediatric Orthodontics

Habit breakers for Thumb / Lip / Finger Sucking continuing the above mentioned habits beyond 3 years of age will cause improper growth of jaws, eruption of permanent teeth, jaw musculature and even the shape of the face. Orthodontic appliances are advised after all the tare remedies fail for a better facial growth and health of the oral tissues.


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